The ultimate pursuit in life is the pursuit of God’s will. Of course the will of God is not hard to discover, it is clearly revealed in the pages of God’s Word. So I heartily commend you for choosing to be a student at Calvary Chapel Bible College Seattle, where our entire goal is to help you know the word of Christ, and to be further transformed into his likeness.

Each ones of our teachers is not only well versed in the Scriptures, they also have experienced a huge dose of God’s grace upon their lives and ministries. Our hope is that you will diligently dig into the study of the Word, and grow greatly in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Teachers and students alike are called as disciples of Jesus. The word ‘disciple’ means a learner and a devoted follower. Together at CCBC Seattle we will learn from the Lord and each other as we study. Like iron sharpening iron, may our devotion to Christ be filed to a razors edge!


Pastor Wayne Taylor
Calvary Fellowship