Calvary Chapel Bible College Seattle places a strong emphasis on Theology. In fact, we believe that theology is life. What we mean by that is – what we know and believe about God (Theology) is directly connected to our decisions, opinions, and character (life). Therefore in both CCBC Seattle’s one-year and two-year program you will learn and experience Theology.

We believe that investing in the study of Theology will bring three primary things:

  • Worship – Theology reminds, enforces and challenges us to know that God is God and we are his creation. We are reminded of how he initiated relationship, revealed his word, and demonstrated his love, among other things, and how that causes worship.
  • Spiritual Life – Contrary to common belief, dry Theology does not lead to stale or dead spiritual life. Rather, untried and insincere Theology (in other words hypocrisy) is what leads to lifeless spirituality. What we will seek to grow in is how our belief about God is incorporated into our life and vice-versa.
  • Purpose – the Bible clearly states that man was created in the image of God (Gen. 1:26). This image has been tarnished through sin yet redeemed by Jesus. Therefore, studying Theology will not only tell us about God, but will tell us about ourselves – what we are becoming and what our purpose in this life is.

This pursuit will be culminated in our Introduction to Theology course where we will focus on 10 major points of doctrine and develop personal doctrinal statements based on the applicable verses in the Bible.

Please see our complete Doctrinal Statement here for more information.