Application Fee (one-time fee when application is turned in online) | $25

Tuition per semester | On or Off Campus

$100 per credit, up to 15 credits (full-time)
Tuition cost will not exceed $1500 for full time student over 15 credits

*Part Time Student fee (under 15 credits) | $50 per semester

On Campus Full-Time per semester costs:



Housing Cost + Weekly Food Allowance (required)


Damage Deposit Fee (refundable at end of semester)





Housing Costs
Dorm downpayment due 6 weeks prior to semester | $500 (applied to housing cost)

**On-campus housing is open to single students, 28 years and younger; those over 28, married, and families apply as off-campus; find near-by rental housing on – Edmonds, Mountlake Terrace, Shoreline, Lynnwood (those locations are closer to campus than Seattle)


Additional Fees

Books (varies per semester) | approx. $150
Spring Semester| Missions Week Cost (varies based on location) 


Graduation Fee (one-time fee paid when petitioning for graduation) | $50

*Outstanding fees will be charged to credit card on file the last day of classes for the semester

Financial Aid Information

At Calvary Chapel Bible College Seattle we attempt to keep the cost of tuition affordable for students. We do not participate in state or federal government-supported financial aid programs or guaranteed student loans.

While we do not provide financial aid, CCBC Seattle does allow payment plans to be drawn up for Campus Housing and Tuition costs. These contracts must be drawn up between the CCBC Administrative Office, student, and family of student. Credit Card information must be given as a guarantee for contract to be drawn up. The pre-set plan is as follows.

Payment Plan


Payment 1 (due at time of registration)

1/4 housing & tuition, books, fees

Payment 2

1/4 housing & tuition 

Payment 3

1/4 housing & tuition 

Payment 4

1/4 housing & tuition 


Payment Plan Fee | $125
Payments 2-4 due last Friday of the month
10 day grace period 
*non-payment may result in dismissal 




Ministry Scholarship: The Ministry Scholarship at Calvary Chapel Bible College Seattle is available to children of full time ministry workers, parachurch workers, and missionaries.

The Joshua Project: The Joshua Project at Calvary Chapel Bible College Seattle offers a scholarship to those who have applied to pursue an internship with The Joshua Project.


Refund Policy

Prior to the first day classes, students are eligible for a full refund of tuition and/or housing costs with the exception of non-refundable fees. On or after the first day of classes, refunds are given according to the schedule below. After the 5th week there are no refunds given.

If a student leaves during this time they are still liable for the entire tuition amount. While every effort is made to provide accurate and up-to-date information, Calvary Chapel Bible College Seattle reserves the right to alter, without notice statements in the catalog, policies, procedures, academic offerings, and tuition fees.

Listed below are the tuition and/or housing cost percentage, and do not include non-refundable fees:

Weeks Attended Refund Percentage

If you withdraw* during the semester:

First Week


Second Week 


Third Week


Fourth or Fifth Week


*Please consult the Registrar for information on officially withdrawing from a class